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not every man even has “male privilege”. I’ve certainly experienced none of it. In fact, quite the opposite. Someone can say that men *can* be hurt by it, but all they ever mean is that women *are* hurt by it. And that’s not a fair burden to place on an entire group of people, especially when they have no control over its existence other than to not perpetrate in it themselves (and even non-males perpitrate it). Besides, there’s also woman privilege, black privilege, gay privilege…hell, even baby privilege.

I shouldn’t have to walk around apologizing for being a man, and yet whenever my gender or sexuality has been a subject, that’s all that’s been expected of me. Some privilege.

Anyway. All I’m saying is that, the way it’s used, it’s no less of a loaded phrase than slut, fat, etc.



THIS is the entitled, privilege-denying asshole who submitted his picture to QB. He’s not even a fucking ally.

Source and full quote are here

Friday, 21 - 01 - 2011

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